NEW DELHI --  Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi, the Union Minister of State for Minority Affairs and Parliamentary Affairs expressed cnfidence that Central Waqf Council will work towards connecting waqf properties with development of Muslim community. 

He said even after new Waqf Act, several states have not been able to utilize waqf properties for socio-economic-educational empowerment of Muslim community. Several waqf properties have been encroached by “waqf mafia”. There is a need for a campaign to ensure usage of waqf for whom it is meant.  

Naqvi said this while delivering valedictory address at National Conference of Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of State Waqf Boards that began here this morning.

  Naqvi said that new Waqf Act, 2013 has been improved but there is need for further improvement. Steps towards further improving Waqf Acts will be taken after suggestions from states, common people, educational institutes and religious organizations. Shri Naqvi said that after this new Waqf Act, responsibility of Central Waqf Council and State Waqf Boards has increased.

The Minister said that the Centre has advised all the waqf boards to computerize record of all the waqf properties; there should be a transparent system so that anybody can get information about these properties. Several states have been working well in this regard but several state waqf boards are not serious about on-line registration of waqf properties.

  Naqvi said that the Central Government has been moving forward with strong commitment to over-all development of all sections of the society including Minorities. Inclusive growth of Muslim community is the target. Protection and development of waqf properties is an important step in this regard. There are 31 State Waqf Boards. There are 4,27,000 registered waqf properties across the country besides other properties who have not been registered.

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