NEW DELHI -- Seven Innovation Scholars selected under the Innovation Scholars-In-Residence programme of Rashtrapati Bhavan will commence their In-Residence Programme in Rashtrapati Bhavan for a period of two weeks from March 12, 2016.

Innovators who will stay at the Rashtrapati Bhavan are  G.K. Ratnakar from Karnataka (innovation: Mini Hydro Turbines),  Mushtaq Ahmed Dar from Jammu & Kashmir (innovation: Walnut  Cracker),  Lal Biakzuala Ralte from Mizoram(innovation:  Bamboo Splint Making Machine),  Mallesham Laxminarayana Chinthakindi from Andhra Pradesh (innovation: ‘Laxmi’ Asu making machine), Amrut Lal Bawandas Agrawat from Gujarat (innovation: Aaruni Bullock Cart and Innovative Pulley), Ms. Anuradha Pal from Andhra Pradesh (innovation: ‘Right biotic’ an Anti-biotic finder) and Swapnanil Debajit Talukdar from Assam (innovation: Foot operated manual page-turning machine). (Brief details are attached)

The Innovation Scholars In-Residence Scheme was launched by the President of India on December 11, 2013 with a view to promoting the spirit of innovation and giving further impetus to grassroots innovation activities. 

The main objective of the Scheme is to provide an environment to grassroots innovators in Rashtrapati Bhavan to work on a project in hand and take their innovative ideas forward. It also aims to provide linkages with technical institutions to the selected innovators to strengthen their capacity to innovate and to provide mentoring and support so that the innovations can be used for the progress and welfare of society.  

The first batch of 5 innovators and second batch of 10 innovators have stayed at Rashtrapati Bhavan as part of the Innovation Scholars In-Residence Programme from July 1 to 20, 2014 and March 7 to 20, 2015 respectively.

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